Prices Based on 1 dog

  • 1 hour walk £12 (£10 regular clients)
  • 2 x 1 hour walks per day £24 (£20 regular clients)
  • Dog day care £30 including 2 walks of 1 hour each

Dog sleep over £35 including 2 walks of 1 hour each

  • Staycation 1 week stay £210
  • Staycation 2 week stay £400

Prices Based on 2 dogs

1 hour walk £24 (regular clients £20)

2 x 1 hour walks per day £40



Reliable and loyal service established in 2011

Walks will generally be around Worcester Racecourse, The Malvern Hill, Claines & Perdiswell.

Please don’t forget that this service is tailor – made to suit both your and your dogs’ needs!

Furry Dog Mother prices reflect an extremely high quality service where no more than 4 dogs will be walked at any time 

Your dog will be made to feel at home and share the house with Libi & myself.

Your dogs’ own food to be provided please to maintain their routine.

Pick-up/drop off using transport 50 pence per mile if outside of City Centre to cover petrol costs